msp430fr5969 jtag Fuse Blown

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msp430fr5969 jtag Fuse Blown

Billy Kozak

I've recently obtained an msp-exp430fr5969 evaluation board and have been
trying to get some test programs running (downloaded from using only open source software. I
downloaded the mspgcc-20120406 tarball from the source forge site and
followed all of the instructions to build the tool chain which I have been
using to compile the source files.

Everything had been going well until I ran into an error where the jtag
fuse had been blown preventing me from using jtag to program the device any
more. This has happened with two separate boards now.

While trying to figure out what could be causing this I noticed that
msp430-gcc places the interrupt vector section at address 0xff80. According
to the data-sheet for msp430fr5969 0xff80 and 0xff82 are the addresses of
the jtag fuse bytes (although this same data-sheet does also call 0xff80
the start of the interrupt vector table). It seems to me that because of
this I may be overwriting the jtag fuse bytes each time I program the FRAM
and either due to a fluke or a programming error am ending up putting the
magic number 0x5555 at 0xff80 which blows the jtag fuse.

I have examined the source code and have not seen anything that I think
could be causing the mcu to write to address 0xff80 (nor would I expect
them to given that these are example files straight from TI).

I hope that someone with more experience than me can confirm that this
could indeed be what I am experiencing.

To compile my source code to the .elf binary I am using the command:
 msp430-gcc -Wall -g -mmcu=msp430fr5969 file.c

To program the device I am using mspdebug (version 0.22) with the tilib
driver to access the USB FET.

Billy Kozak EIT.
Firmware Engineer
Scanimetrics Inc.
1938 94th Street
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6N 1J3
Phn: 780 433 9441 ext. 301
Fax: 780 433 9499
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