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Kees Schoenmakers
Hello All,

I have a project that build fine with the 'old' mspgcc (4.7.0). I
managed to get it build and linked with the new toolkit. At first the
code did not fit, where it did before.

I disabled some features in the source tree and now I can build with
both GCC versions (4.7.0 vs 4.9.1). However the difference in code
size is significant, se the following comparison:

mspgcc   4.7.0   .text sizes

Main.o             0x184
Timers.o           0x226
Subroutine.o       0x21e
Eerom.o           0x51c
Modbusmaster.o       0x1fa
Hartserial.o       0x422
Hartprocess.o       0x8ae
Hartunivers.o       0xa60
Hartcompractice.o     0x1a52
Hartransmspec.o       0xbfe
Hartmain.o         0x81a
Harttimers.o       0xb4
Sensors.o               0x2ee
Modbuserial.o           0x11e
Hartconversion.o       0x348
Hartplatformdep.o     0x2d0
libs                       0xe4c


mspgcc 4.9.1  .text sizes

Main.o               0x1f4
Timers.o               0x27e
Subroutine.o       0x30a
Eerom.o               0x68a
Modbusmaster.o       0x22a
Hartserial.o       0x436
Hartprocess.o       0xc5c
Hartunivers.o       0xb30
Hartcompractice.o     0x1c98
Hartransmspec.o       0xdda
Hartmain.o               0xa24
Harttimers.o       0xc0
Sensors.o               0x452
Modbuserial.o       0x142
Hartconversion.o       0x3dc
Hartplatformdep.o     0x32c
libs                       0x306c

etext= 0xc906

I hope someone can use these numbers. I compiled with the same
CCFLAGS, optimizing etc.

best regards


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