Traditional mspgcc vs New msp430 gcc

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Traditional mspgcc vs New msp430 gcc

Peter Bigot-4
I think this list is a good place for discussions of GNU-based MSP430
toolchains new or traditional, though questions related to the new msp430
support within a specific tool (gcc, gdb, binutils, newlib) might be more
appropriate to that tool's mailing list.

To help reduce confusion, though, I propose the following nomenclature:

* mspgcc refers specifically to the toolchain started by Dmitry Diky and
Chris Liechti and "finished" by me;

* gcc refers generically to the upstream toolchain GNU C;

* msp430 gcc (or gcc msp430) would refer to the new port of msp430 to the
upstream toolchain.

Thus, I believe Ilya's recent question is addressing msp430 gcc (gcc msp430
as noted), not mspgcc which does not involve newlib.

If people use these terms consistently in questions and responses, and keep
in mind that there will now be two unrelated toolchains discussed on this
list, we should still be able to help everybody.


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