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Steve Underwood
Hi Tennessee,

Thanks for the feedback. I have fixed the patch now.


Tennessee Carmel-Veilleux wrote:

>On Tue, 7 Jun 2005, Steve Underwood wrote:
>>GCC in CVS has been updated. This patch
>> patches
>>recent snapshots of binutils to add the new devices. I thought you had
>>put this into binutils CVS, but maybe it was missed.
>There is a bug in there... If you look at the following part:
>Lines 177-178:
>+ "  msp430x423 msp430x425 msp430427\n"
>+ "  msp430x4250 msp430x4260 msp4304270\n"
>The names MSP430427 and MSP4304270 appear without the "x" between msp430
>and the part number.
>Earlier in the path at lines 143-147:
>+ {"msp430x427", MSP430_ISA_42,bfd_mach_msp42},
>+ {"msp430x4230", MSP430_ISA_42, bfd_mach_msp42},
>+ {"msp430x4250", MSP430_ISA_42, bfd_mach_msp42},
>+ {"msp430x4270", MSP430_ISA_42, bfd_mach_msp42},
>The names have the "x". Then at:
>Line 321: +if [ "${MSP430_NAME}" = "msp430x427" ] ; then
>Line 372: +if [ "${MSP430_NAME}" = "msp430x4270" ] ; then
>The names also have the "x". Thus the help message is not representative
>of the devices.
>I notice it because I work with MSP430F427 and mspgcc at work and I have
>been wondering why I had to use MSP430xE427 to compile, even though the
>MSP430F427.h header does exist. I guess it had been forgotten in the
>implementation :)
>Will there be a win32 package with the latest binutil patches applied ? If
>so, is there an approximate release time frame ?
>Thanks for the great compiler work and have a nice day.
>Best Regards,
>Tennessee Carmel-Veilleux
>Electronics Design Technician, LRP UdeM
>EE Student, Ecole de Technologie Superieure, Montreal, QC
>Work: (514)343-6111x4764, School: (514)396-8800x7622

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