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Kelly Murray
yes, to calibrate the DCO, you use the DCO for the SMCLK, and then use
TimerA with the SMCLK, and setup CCTL2 for a capture selecting ACLK as
the signal to trigger the capture by selecting CCIxB in CCTL2 for the
'1232 part.

CCTL2 = CAP | SCS | CCIS_1 | CM_1;  // Capture, rising edge, CCIxB=Aclk

Then see how many
SMCLK ticks occurs in CCR2 for one tick of the ACLK.

> I'm a little lost on DCO calibration on the F1232.  I'm hoping that in
> TACCTL2, setting the CCIxB condition hooks up ACLK internally to the
> capture input so I don't have to run ACLK out on a pin and then back in on
> P2.3.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> David Smead

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