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Dean Boulding
I was never able to get mspdebug integrated with Eclipse, but I could get
through the build stage very neatly.  I think this is an important
consideration, at least for those of us who have committed to linux.  I'm

   1. What the impact of the new toolchain will be on a neat Eclipse
   integration, and
   2. Is there someone who is willing to describe a clean "how-to" to make
   this happen?

I lack the skills to describe the best way of putting it all together, but
would be happy to help as a tester and documenter if someone else will lead.


From: Arvind Padmanabhan <[hidden email]>

> Subject: Re: [Mspgcc-users] How to setup msp430-gdbproxy in Eclipse?
> To: karthiprime <[hidden email]>,
>         "[hidden email]"
>         <[hidden email]>
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> The first is actually a good tutorial. Use mspdebug rather than the
> msp430-gdbproxy. I didn't get it to work on Windows but it worked for me
> fine on Ubuntu.
> On Wednesday, 23 October 2013, 13:13, karthiprime <[hidden email]>
> wrote:
> *I am trying to setup the msp430-gdbproxy in the Eclipse (External tools
> configuration), following this tutorial:
> *
> *
> 1. This link
> *"
> "*
> that msp430-gdbproxy is deprecated and its been replaced by mspdebug. So
> how
> should I proceed with the configuration in Eclipse? I need not configure
> gdbproxy?*
> Any help appreciated.

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