Issue with CC2500 Wake on Radio

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Issue with CC2500 Wake on Radio

Hello Everyone,

I have been struggling a lot with implementation of CC2500-Wake On radio functionality. I am using ez430-RF2500 devices. I have read and understood the application note provided by TI - AN047
Application Node AN047 .
 I had been trying what people have suggested on TI forum - Here. WOR example 

However, my device does not receive any packet, once it has enter WOR sleep mode.  I would really appreciate if any one could guide me, or give any ideas for its implementation. My code is here - 2Wakeonreceive.  I have changed the following files in MRFI drivers
and changed the interrupt in

I know it is too much to ask. I have searched for it on internet, I am following what app note says, still no luck. If some one could guide me to a proper tutorial any one has come across or any application note on wake on radio functionality, I would really appreciate it.