Debugging msp430 with mspdebug and ccsv6 (beta) gdb

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Debugging msp430 with mspdebug and ccsv6 (beta) gdb

Wylder Keane-2
I'm having trouble debugging an msp430fr5969 using the new ccsv6 gcc
toolchain. I'm trying to debug on the command line using mspdebug-0.22 as a
proxy for the new msp430-elf-gdb that came with the ccsv6 beta and I keep
getting the following error while trying to connect to mspdebug:

(gdb) target remote localhost:2000
Remote debugging using localhost:2000
Reply contains invalid hex digit 59

Is this because gdb was configured differently than mspdebug? Is there any
way around this?

I would very much like to debug my msp430's via GDB on the command line
instead of through the CCS IDE.


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